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Combine a 5 point seat belt, a welded on full perimeter roll cage, car styling, a clearance and sealed box stock raptor III motor built specifically for children 7 to 11 years of age and you have a Wild Thing Karts Tiger Sprint. 

This kart was first designed and built in 1998 and was built to fill the need for an inexpensive way for parents and their kids to have fun.  The Tiger Sprint is built from a blend of mild steels.  Three quarter inch diameter tube makes up the roll cage construction, and is welded to a 1" diameter tube chassis.  This chassis incorporates a unique flex design for front and rear of the kart.  This lets you control the amount of flexibility in your kart.  It also has an adjustable seat, adjustable steering post, spindles with bearings, slotted motor plate, fixed 6 degree spindles, double bar nerf bars, wide rear bumper, fiberglass tail and an aluminum body.