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4-9-17-Wild Thing Karts does not approve or condone the use of gasoline in Wild Thing Tiger Sprints or Outlaws with fuel tanks in the cockpit or on floorpans.  This is a SAFETY issue.  If your racing facility requires you to run gas Jazz makes a 2 quart fuel cell with foam and a metal cap that will offer some security.  The gas cap should not have any vents and needs to be metal not plastic.  Vent tube should be separate from cap so gas cannot pour out if karts roll over.  Gasoline in the cockpit of a kart is NEVER going to be acceptable to Wild Thing Karts.


Effective immediately (5-23-14) for all divisions:

All post race tech inspection will be completed as raced.  Altering, manipulating, removing and or changing of any part or component of either engine or chassis will not be allowed.  While some specifications may be adopted from other sanctioning bodies of racing it does not imply that all methods of inspection will mirror that of other tech manuals. 

Example:  No removing coil for pop-up inspection, no rotating valve train components, no cleaning carbon (cleaning of gasket surfaces will be allowed).


Karts that spin out on their own and are out of harms way and sit there to bring out the caution will be subject to a penalty of 2 or more positions or disqualification from the event per the Race Directors Discretion.